Triton Wind Profiler

Triton in Hawaii near wind farm
Triton on wind farm
Triton, harsh climate - Finland
Triton in complex terrain

Triton Wind Profiler

The Triton Wind Profiler allows wind energy developers to start wind measurement campaigns faster and reduce the uncertainty in annual energy projections. Wind energy operators save money and improve operational efficiency and safety by using Triton as a reference met station, in wake studies, and in power curve testing.

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Puhuri and Vaisala - Bringing Wind Energy to the Coldest Places on Earth

Key Benefits

Accurate hub-height wind data
Reduce the uncertainty of wind resource assessments, enable better project design, and gain confidence in wind conditions at both proposed and operational wind farms.
Reliable operation in remote locations and harsh climates
Ultra-low power consumption (7 Watts for a standard Triton) and a rugged design allow it to be deployed in remote, non-powered locations with minimal service visits and low fueling requirements.
A cost-effective remote sensing solution
Triton offers a much lower cost of ownership than traditional met towers or comparable remote sensing systems. By providing a rich dataset of measurements across the entire turbine blade sweep, it allows you to optimize project financing or understand conditions at an operating wind farm.​





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