Rain Gauge RG13/RG13H

Rain gauge especially suitable for remote and unattended locations uses a tipping-bucket mechanism to produce a contact closure every time it receives a predetermined small quantity of rainfall (optional tipping mechanism 0.2 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.5 mm).

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Key Benefits

Robust construction for harsh environments
The body and funnel of the gauge are of aluminum alloy. An accurately machined septum-ring at the top gives an aperture of exactly 400 cm2. The tipping-bucket mechanism is mounted inside the body on a cast aluminum alloy base equipped with fixing slots, three levelling screws and a spirit level.
Reliable tipping mechanism
The mechanism consists of a divided bucket pivoted at its center. Rain collects in the upper half. When this is full, the mechanism tilts and discharges the collected water, allowing the other half of the bucket to begin filling. A heater element is provided inside the sensor body. The heater switches on
at temperatures below +4 °C.
Provides accurate measurements
A siphon device is fitted to the base of the funnel to control the rate of flow into the buckets. By ensuring a constant flow rate into the tipping bucket, calibration is made easier and accuracy improved. The alternate filling and discharging continue as long as rain is falling, and at each tilt, a magnet momentarily closes the contacts of a reed switch.