Concrete Moisture Measurement Kit SHM40

SHM40 Structural Humidity Measurement Kit

Concrete Moisture Measurement Kit SHM40

Measuring structural moisture is essential in order to avoid mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Vaisala SHM40 offers an easy and a reliable solution for humidity measurements in concrete and other structures using the borehole method, where humidity probe is left in the borehole until the humidity in the hole has reached an equilibrium state and the stabilized values can be read.

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Detect Moisture, Prevent Mold

Key Benefits

Easy to use
The water-proof carrying case includes all you need for measuring structural moisture reliably.
The HMP40S probes are IP65 classified and conform to the ASTM-standard F2170.
Proven HUMICAP sensor technology provides accurate and stable data in numeric, statistic or graph views.