Download white paper: The world of DGA - and its uncertainties

Are you involved with transformer condition assessment? If so, this white paper is a must-have for you.

As we all know, DGA is the only way to detect a range of internal faults in transformers. Evaluation and interpretation based on statistics has been used for transformer condition assessment for decades. Online monitoring has been available since the late 1990s and there are now various online gas monitors on the market each with their own technical specification, making it challenging for transformer owners to compare and evaluate the different options. To make the field even more complicated for utilities, laboratory DGA plays a role too.

This white paper by Senior Industry Expert Senja Leivo describes the key aspects involved when reading the monitor’s technical specifications and evaluating its performance against laboratory DGA.

After reading the paper, you will understand the main challenges and the latest knowledge about what to consider when utilizing DGA in condition assessment and when comparing results from various sources.

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