Hydrogen peroxide vapor technical eBook

In this technical eBook you will learn the fundamental conversion formulas that pertain to hydrogen peroxide vapor. These formulas allow you to make your own conversion calculations.
  • Water and H2O2 content – ppm (parts per million), ppm V – volume/volume, ppmm – mass/mass
  • Relative humidity & Relative saturation
  • Water vapor saturation pressure – Pws and H2O2 vapor saturation pressure – Phs
  • Water vapor saturation pressure in an H2O2 environment – Pws (H2O + H2O2)
    •  Raoult’s law for vapor pressure
    •  Activity coefficient of water and H2O2
    •  Mole fraction of water and H2O2
    •  Iterative calculation for Pws (H2O + H2O2)
  • Dew point in an H2O2 environment – Td (H2O + H2O2)
    • Dew point to vapor pressure - Td (H2O + H2O2) to Pw and Ph
    •  Vapor pressure to dew point - Pw and Ph to Td (H2O + H2O2)
  • Absolute concentration of water and H2O2 – aw and ah12
  • Molecular weight
  • Conversions to Imperial units and non-SI units
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