Vaisala Beacon Station for Construction

Stay safe. Stay efficient. Stay ahead of the weather.

Beacon Station

Vaisala Beacon™ Station is a professional-grade weather assessment and forecasting tool optimized for construction. Based on rugged, accurate sensor technology, it provides visualized, actionable weather data exactly where and when crews need it. 

Other solutions provide readouts of someone else’s data, but Beacon gives you your own local weather station, coupled with a simple, highly visualized interface. Whenever severe weather is a possibility, you can act decisively to protect your crews, mitigate risk, improve resource allocation, and keep your operation on track.

Watch the video: Beacon Station in the field

The construction industry has never seen anything quite like Beacon. This new video explains more about it and the benefits it brings to a wide array of industries. 

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Vaisala Beacon Station — Start tracking weather conditions where it matters most — and keep your operations running

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