The advantages of liquid concentration measurement over density measurement

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Liquid concentration measurement for sugar crystallization control

The primary goal of beet and cane sugar production is to ensure ideal sugar crystals. For this, several critical process parameters must be followed. The eBook provides knowledge on verified practices for optimizing sugar crystallization and producing uniform sugar crystals while reducing energy consumption and minimizing production costs.

In this eBook, we review density and liquid concentration measurements as tools for process and product quality control in the sugar refining industry. A comparative analysis of both techniques from the point of view of the measured process medium, process operation, and instrument attributes reveals the advantages of the solution that provides a reliable measurement and the best return-on-investment.

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Sugar crystals

Solutions for sugar refining and milling

Edible sugar manufacturing is a delicate process that requires process control and instant, accurate Brix (massecuite solids content) measurement of raw and in-process liquids for best product quantity and quality. For this, indicators such as mean aperture (MA) and coefficient of variation (CV) are followed. Only high-quality liquid and crystal sugars are acceptable. In crystal sugar manufacturing, the absolute goal is to produce the maximum amount of even quality crystals, avoiding fines and conglomerates.

Discover our comprehensive sugar crystallization solution for optimizing existing and greenfield sugar refining processes.


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