Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Evaporation

Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Evaporation

In the Kraft process, the black liquor originating from the washing process is concentrated through evaporation and then used to fire a boiler in order to generate high-pressure steam for the mill’s operations. The feed to the evaporation stage should be as consistent as possible to maximize the capacity and stabilize the output concentration.

Black liquor dry solids and concentration measurement in the evaporator

Feed concentration is kept constant by regulating the mixing liquor.

Download our application note to learn how evaporator control can be achieved using Vaisala Polaris SAFE- DRIVE Process Refractometer PR53SD for concentration measurement. Measuring the liquor concentrations at intermediate evaporation stages helps to minimize total steam consumption, particularly in mills where the cost of steam is high.

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