Brown stock washing optimization

When a small percentage is worth a million 

Did you know that Total Dissolved Solids is the only measurement that accounts for both inorganics and organics? 

Recent studies show that kraft pulp processing is economically viable only if the BSW stage operates optimally. Vaisala Polaris PR53SD Process Refractometer for the pulp industry is specially designed for harsh conditions and provide accurate and continuous measurements in all washing stages.

In this eBook we discuss: 

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as a measurement parameter for Brown Stock Washing 
  • how TDS can be utilized to reveal the real wash loss
  • control strategies and benefits
  • TDS measurements in individual washing stages
  • advanced process control (APC) with inline TDS measurements by process refractometers

Customer testimonials

"Without inline TDS measurements, we could not see how our new high kappa digester is performing."
Pulp mill, Northern Europe

"Blow liquor inline TDS excellent new tool to measure cooking efficiency inline and optimize washing stage on bottom of digester"
Pulp mill, Northern Europe

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