In-line total dissolved solids measurement for organics monitoring in food and beverage side-streams and wastewater streams

Sustainability of food, beverage and brewing industries is in direct connection with their side-streams and wastewater treatment practices. Organic pollutants from the food and beverage industry include oils and fats, alcohol, proteins and carbohydrates. Wastewater from the production must be monitored to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Monitoring of organics, such as for example, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) or Total Organic Carbon (TOC) helps to detect quickly and accurately the carbon content in the facility’s wastewater. 

Quick detection of high organics and total dissolved solids in wastewater streams

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer helps industrial facilities treat their effluent streams before discharge. Water quality control and organics content monitoring in-line provides fast and accurate data in real-time. For this purpose, Vaisala’s refractometer is an ideal instrument as it provides a range of benefits: 

  • provides a direct total dissolved solids (TDS) measurement in-line 
  • the measurement does not drift and requires no recalibration 
  • allows for real-time control over the wastewater treatment plant’s loads and helps to optimize its operations 
  • assures continuous water quality monitoring for possible recycling purposes and demand for water supply 
  • helps eliminate product losses by timely alarms 
  • adds to overall plant’s cost efficiency by adjusting incoming load, reducing treatment costs and increasing efficiency in meeting environmental regulations.  

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