Giant Leap Projects

Research and Development project 1: Humidity probe development project

In this project you will develop Vaisala’s world class humidity probe technology even further. The project includes e.g. hands-on assembly/development of prototypes, test measurements and data analysis. By the end of summer, you will have summarized your findings that will serve as base for future product development. To succeed in this project, you should have an analytical and hands-on mindset along with relevant university studies e.g. from physics, measurement science, electronics or thermodynamics.


Research and Development project 2: Light sensing for monitoring systems

In this project you will find the key requirements for a light monitoring system in museums, art galleries, animal facilities and other similar applications. You will search for and compare commercial light sensing components and their connectivity options. Using the selected sensor, together with the support from your team, you will build a working prototype that enables data visualization, for example in the AWS based cloud environment. By the end of the summer, you have successfully demonstrated the functionality of the prototype and written a report concluding the key findings of the study. 

Your task is three-fold;​ 1) Conduct research amidst our stakeholders, strengthening our understanding of key interests in selected applications for light measurement​, 2) Based on your findings, produce an overview of the current competitive scenario and devices​, 3) Assemble a demonstration unit incorporating a commercially available sensor with Vaisala world class connectivity​

To succeed in this project your preferred skills include a good understanding of light and its physical quantities​, basic understanding of electronics, basic understanding of programming of embedded systems​ and good communication skills. IoT skills are seen as an additional advantage.

Research and Development project 3: Edge detection algorithm study

Optical refractometers are used for concentration analysis of liquids with dissolved chemicals. The method is based on detection of total reflection angle using CCD line camera. The edge detection algorithm has big effect on performance of the instrument for example when prism is soiled and/or eroded. The expected outcome of the project is a study on different algorithms and effect of their parameters in different environments on refractive index estimation accuracy. The Giant Leap intern is encouraged to provide improvement suggestions and new ideas for superior refractometer product development!

To succeed in this project your preferred skills include: embedded software engineering, mathematical algorithms, good command of C programming language and some programming language used for numerical computing (Matlab, R, Python, …).


Research and Development project 4: Improving CX through Customer communication standardization in Life Cycle Services

We at Vaisala are committed to world class customer experience. We have globally multiple service delivery teams supporting customers daily remotely, at service centers and on-site. We want to make sure our customer communication follows always highest standards to secure best customer experience.

In this Giant Leap -project you will map and evaluate the current state of our service delivery processes related customer communication. Then you will define needed development actions to ensure customer communication will happen always on time, is sufficient and in the best format for customer experience. 

To succeed in this project, you shall have great communication skills, process understanding and fluent English. It is an advantage if you also have knowledge of Customer experience management or Professional writing.

In case you are eager to make things easier to our customers, keen on learning and developing customer experience in B2B market, this can be your summer project!

Business and Sales development project 1: Framework for distribution management and partner portal

Distributors, focused on different products or geographies are important channel to market for Industrial Measurements business area. Vaisala must be able to support and manage the channel efficiently. Major tool for this is the Partner Portal.

In this project you will define distributor management framework with particular focus on Partner Portal. You will gather input from various stakeholders, including  business requirements from sales team responsible for partner management and match them with IT team responsible for technical development of the portal. Based on input you will define and document required functionalities, business processes and access management principles as well as create end user test scripts and training material for the portal.  

To succeed in this project you should be process oriented, have good IT tools and system skills and understand the basics of sales management. The ideal educational background would be a combination of business and IT.

Business and Sales development project 2: Innovate the future of aviation weather applications

Innovate the future of aviation weather applications - Create a concept how Vaisala and 3rd party weather APIs can be used to provide new insights to the existing customers and find new opportunities in aviation and airports around the world. 

Digitalization is expected to change the aviation industry in the coming years. There will be new datasets available for the airports, airlines and other aviation players. The way how the information is gathered, processed and shared will also change. These changes will open new opportunities in making the operations more efficient, effective and safe. We at Vaisala believe that weather data will be central in this change and want you to explore the opportunities in this area. The goal of the project is to study and create a concept how Vaisala as well as third party API’s could be used to create novel aviation weather applications to different user groups of the industry.

Experience and skills to succeed in this project: Do you have knowledge of business, service or UX design tools - background in information technology, business studies or collaborative design  – unmatched enthusiasm to innovate new and skills to consider business, technology and end users point of views at the same time? This is a great opportunity for you who want to expand and explore you knowhow in these. You do not need to be an expert yet, but have an ambition to become one in one or more of these areas in the future.

Business and Sales development project 3: Carbon flux market and measurement concept

Vaisala is conducting research and development and market pilots to help farmers, land owners, food producers and carbon traders verify carbon sink and carbon sources on a larger scale. The objective of this project is to improve our market understanding about the carbon flux measurements and to collect market insights for our research and development projects. In this project you will conduct market research on carbon flux measurements and participate in concrete in-field pilots with Vaisala’s technology teams, business partners and research partners. Your concrete deliverables are (i) a market study, covering the market landscape with Vaisala’s quantified business opportunities and (ii) a list of customer requirement that you help gather from our early market pilots in the field.

An ideal background for this study is a combination of technology, business and natural science, e.g. a major in industrial management with a minor in sustainability or environmental sciences. A drivers’ license and hands-on technology capability would make it easier to participate in concrete in-field work. While English is Vaisala’s working language, Finnish would be a plus for interviewing pilot customers.

Business and Sales development project 4: Developing new bundled capabilities and offering for large meteorological infrastructure projects

In Vaisala Meteorological Infrastructure and Capability Development (MICD) projects a broad range of Vaisala´s meteorological offering is combined with forecasting capabilities to create a holistic solution to best meet the needs of a national meteorological service. These projects aim to permanently increase the meteorological service provision capabilities that are essential capabilities in providing reliable forecasts and warnings. Vaisala’s strength and uniqueness is having most of the needed observation technologies inhouse.

The objective of this project is to explore and innovate new ways of integrating existing and up-coming Vaisala systems and solutions to the MICD projects and to help develop the project concept to better answer customer needs and increase the value. To succeed in this project, the ideal education background would be natural science or technology. Also meteorological understanding is seen as an advantage.

Business and Sales development project 5: Innovate the future of weather observations

Innovate the future of weather observations - Discover and create new business models and positioning concept for Vaisala's observations platform.

To ensure our future success in digital economy, we will need a portfolio of environmental data platform related business models. However, constructing a platform strategy is complex and it challenges the existing assumptions and approaches about how business models are created. As the number of environment and weather related platforms are growing, it’s critical to understand which game to play, where the best opportunities to Vaisala exist.

The project is divided into two phases: 1. Discovery phase: a market study of existing environmental and weather related platforms and related business models. Goal is to understand the state and future direction of the market and our future competitors. 2. Business model concept phase: Create business model and positioning concept for Vaisala’s environmental data platform. This is implemented via business model canvas and other suitable tools. Goal is to find potential profitable business models and position for Vaisala’s environmental data platform.

To succeed in this project, you should be self-motivated, well organized, and have ability to analyze and recommend solutions for complex and novel customer problems and requirements. You should have studies, experience or interest in modern business models and market positioning for software such as DaaS and SaaS. An ideal candidate is a business minded Master’s student of information technology or Master’s student of economy with technical mindset. This is a great opportunity for you who wants to learn and master these areas in the future. You do not need to be an expert yet, but have an ambition to become one!


Software and IT development project 1: Event driven integrations in future Enterprise application development

Vaisala IT is serving Vaisala’s business units with state of the art applications and integration technologies. As digitalization is moving forward fast there needs to be near real time integrations between different applications. In this project the goal is to create concept for event driven integrations and implement a Proof of Concept (PoC) by integrating Salesforce (or new ERP technology) with custom application and needed middleware technologies.

To succeed in this project you will need to have basic understanding of integrating applications and basic coding skills to create custom application for PoC.  Proactive mindset to learn new things autonomously and make things happen is also a must.

Operations development project 1: Cleanroom Process Control integration to MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Vaisala Sensor factory produces high quality microsensors for Vaisala's instruments and radiosondes. Main types of sensors are humidity (Humicap), pressure (Barocap), dewpoint (Drycap) and carbon dioxide (Carbocap). Sensors are manufactured in our own cleanroom and tested and packaged in the assembly area located right next to the cleanroom.

Cleanroom operations is starting a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) implementation project early 2021 which is a key improvement project in Sensor Factory. This project target is to replace Excel based production control system with commercial MES system including SPC (Statistical Process Control) functionality. This Giant Leap project focuses on reviewing current cleanroom process controls by using statistical methods, implementing controls to MES and creating instructions for MES users. Project will also pilot tool integration to MES that enables automated data transfer from measurement tool to MES database.

To succeed in this project, you have engineering studies in the field of electronics/microelectronics/semiconductors and basic knowledge of quality control and statistical process control (SPC) methods. Experience of production control systems (MES, ERP) and data analysis skills (Minitab, JMP) are an advantage. We expect you to have interest to cleanroom processes, analytical skills and ability to work independently. We offer you interesting work environment, highly motivated and skilled personnel to guide you and possibility to achieve concrete results.


Operations development project 2: Productivity and reliability improvement of ceilometer manufacturing

The goal of this project is to improve productivity and predictability in ceilometer production. By applying lean methods, factory physics and Vaisala guidelines you will aim to ensure that the manufacturing cell produces high quality instruments efficiently and the process is predictable with reduced fluctuation. During the project you will perform a current state analysis, create an improvement plan and implement the defined actions. To succeed in the project, you should have studies in industrial engineering and production technologies or similar field, hands-on attitude, experience of statistical analyses and basic understanding of production processes

Operations development project 3: Production cell digital twin

Vaisala Operations manufactures products for customer deliveries in a complex high mix low volume environment. Products are highly configurable and production performance depends on volumes, product mix and production cell capacity.

The primary goal is to understand production environment more deeply. We want to describe and define the manufacturing data environment in our factories. Target is to create first ideas and concepts of Digital Twin of Vaisala factory and how to use it to simulate the capacity, and capability of our factories.  As a proof of concept, target is to test the model using real data.

The expectation of the candidates for this project is to have suitable background in engineering (e.g. manufacturing technology, industrial management, information sciences, mathematics) and skills to work with data and data analysis tools. Knowledge and experience of simulations, and usage of methods like AI and neural computing is also an asset.

Communications and HR development project: Create an employee advocacy program for Vaisala

Curious and competent employees play a key role in Vaisala’s success. We want to hire the best talents, both now and in the future. Employee advocacy is one important way to drive our global employer brand, attract top talent, and at the same time help our experts grow in their career, build their own thought leadership and benefit from professional networking.

In this Giant Leap project, you’ll get to create an employee advocacy program for Vaisala. The focus is on social media, but the project might also touch upon other aspects of employee advocacy. Your tasks include: 1) analyzing the current situation and finding out best practices on employee advocacy and how to activate employees on social media, 2) finding the key employees, who could participate the employee advocacy program, 3) evaluating technical tools to boost social media shares and improve analytics, 4) creating a feasible action plan and defining goals and key performance indicators for a continuous employee advocacy program. Based on the outcomes of this project, we aim to start rolling out the employee advocacy activities in the fall 2021.

We are looking for a person with solid social media skills, fresh ideas and ability to get things done. To succeed in this project, you should have excellent understanding on social media channels, analytics and tools. Experience in employee advocacy and/or professional branding in social media is an advantage. We value independent and proactive working style as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills. We expect you to be fluent in Finnish and English. Your educational background could be in communications, marketing, or management/leadership, for example.

UK Research and Development project: Weather and Automotive Sensing

This project will take a detailed look at the way automotive sensing is affected by the prevailing weather conditions. It will focus on the variations detected by sensors such as Lidar and Cameras to understand how the weather at the time impacts on their efficiency and how predictable these variations are. There may be an opportunity to work with other organizations operating in this field during the project in which case you may be required to travel between locations.

To succeed in this project, you are a 3+ year student in physics, atmospheric sciences, mathematics, data science or other related discipline. You can work both independently and as part of a team. Active networking skills will be essential. You have a curious and exploring mindset. Experience with using Python and/or Matlab for data analysis and potentially building your own simulations is beneficial, as is previous background in hands-on work with prototypes and sensors.

US Research and Development project: Using artificial intelligence to connect Vaisala's weather radar and lightning data for improved transportation safety

Vaisala’s weather radars and lightning detection sensors provide observations of high-impact weather events around the world. The goal of this project is to create new observations, descriptions, and forecasts of high-impact weather events by fusing weather radar and lightning data. You will have the unique and important opportunity to create and apply new artificial intelligence techniques to a novel dataset to help save resources, costs, and lives of road and air travelers.

To succeed in this project, you should have a solid understanding of data wrangling, data analytics, and artificial intelligence/deep learning concepts and tools. You have experience programming in Python or Java and you have completed first-year or higher graduate studies in computer science, atmospheric science, or electrical/computer engineering.

China Business and Sales development project: Market Study for Fruit Ripening Market in China

This Giant Leap project is a market research project. Are you interested to investigate current situation and development trend of fruit ripening market in China? The research is mainly focused on ripening market demand for automatic monitoring system. Your research is expected to cover the follow content (but not limited to): 1) Ripening fruits market size and structure, including annual import, export and local quantity; 2) Scale and quantity of ripening storehouse and corresponding fruit varieties; 3) Key enterprises status and analysis; 4) Current monitoring system providers’ information; 5) Their technical route (method), sensor included, advantages and disadvantages, as well as price level.

You are free to choose the research methods, but we are aiming on the authentic and reliable data information. Don’t forget to have clear and intuitive report with various forms, text charts, etc.

We are looking for a master program student with agricultural, food science, commercial logistics or automation instrument research field in Beijing.