CO2 Measurements in Food and Beverage Industry

CO2 Measurements in Food and Beverage Industry
Industrial Manufacturing and Processes
Industrial Measurements

It’s significant to measure CO2 accurately in the food and beverage industry. Regardless of products, processes and needs, the goals are practically the same in most applications. As all living organisms produce carbon dioxide, or it’s an important part of photosynthesis, right levels of CO2 are essential when considering, for example, process safety, productivity or product quality. To understand how CO2 works in a specific process helps us to employ the benefits that true CO2 measurement offers and to optimize our efforts to reach the desired results.

In this webinar our expert, Juhani Lehto, concentrates on CO2 measurement in the food and beverage industry. He discusses typical challenges of CO2 measurements and gives tips on how to overcome these issues.

Listen to this webinar to learn:

  • How to measure CO2 reliably in harsh environments like humid, hot, cold, or dirty ones
  • Where to place the sensor in the right location to get representative measurements
  • To tackle questions related to hygiene
  • When to maintain and re-calibrate CO2 measurement devices
  • How Vaisala technology can help you
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    Juhani Lehto

    Product Manager for high-end products

    Juhani Lehto has over ten years of experience in industrial measurements and sensor technology. He holds a Master of Science degree in Technology from the Aalto University of Espoo, Finland.