Longwall Mining: Emulsion Station

Longwall hydraulic fluids concentration measurement for efficient and safe operations

Longwall mining is a method of coal extraction which minimum impact to the surface environment.

In the longwall mining, fire-resistant hydraulic emulsions, also known as longwall fluids, are used. Longwall hydraulic fluid loss from the hydraulic circuit is extremely high, requiring continuous replenishment.

Efficient and reliable dosing of the longwall fluid is required in order to maximize the operating life of the hydraulic components and pump systems. High levels of the fluid concentration can cause gasket failure resulting in leakage, while low level concentrations will reduce its corrosion prevention effectiveness, which may result in damage and system failure.

Vaisala PolarisTM process refractometer is used for precise dosing and mixing of the longwall fluid.

Learn the details of the longwall mining process from the application note.

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