Chemical Interface Identification in loading and unloading operations


In chemical plants, different liquid bulk chemicals are loaded and unloaded from trucks or rail cars to receiving tanks. A plant that operates with multiple unloading stations has a high risk of product transmix during loading and unloading unless there is a reliable interface detection measurement in place to distinguish different transferred products. 

Real-time chemical identification directly from the supply line

Refractive index is an extremely reliable and accurate method (with accuracy of nD +/-0.0002) for identifying different chemicals before discharging them into receiving tank. Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer provides fast and real-time interface detection directly from the main supply line. Combining the refractometer with automatic controls provides adequate timing for interface detection and complete assurance that the liquid chemical is being delivered to the intended storage tank. 

The benefits achieved with this measurement include:

  • Eliminated risk of product transmix
  • Reduced waste 
  • Reduced filling/unloading times 
  • Increased safety of operations
  • Eliminated need for sampling 
  • Eliminated operator errors.

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