What do we expect and require from our suppliers?

Vaisala’s excellence in a high-mix, low volume business model depends on effective management of hundreds of suppliers and numerous strategic sub-contractors. To live up to our customer promise and stakeholder expectations, a reliable and responsible supply chain is a necessity for Vaisala.

Wind map of Middle East - used for illustration purposes

Strategic Sourcing

Vaisala’s mission, vision and values provide a solid base for our sourcing strategy. The fundamental sentiment in Vaisala’s existence is to ensure added value and reliability for our customers, which we can achieve by managing external resources. Our...

Logistics chain

Typical Product Supply Chain

Vaisala’s direct suppliers are typically located close to its manufacturing sites and R&D. The company sources components and mechanical parts primarily from Finland, Western-Europe, and the United States, and to a lesser extent from Asia Pacific (APAC)....

How to become a Vaisala’s supplier?

Vaisala approves all potential suppliers before the issuance of contracts. The approval process depends on the type of the purchase. Therefore, a typical new supplier approval process starts with identifying the key sourcing requirements and analyzing the type of the purchase. In the next step, potential suppliers are identified and if there are no potential suppliers in the existing supplier base, a new supplier selection and evaluation process is undertaken to assess the suitable candidates. Vaisala Supplier Requirements document, which is verified through the Supplier environmental, social and governance Self-answer Questionnaire (SAQ) and supplier pre-assessment audit, is used in the selection and evaluation process.

Sustainability and Conflict Minerals

Sustainability and Conflict Minerals

Suppliers are very important to Vaisala, and a lot of effort is placed on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). To support this work, a supplier scorecard is updated and reviewed annually for defined key suppliers.