Market Information

Market Situation

Market situation in the second quarter 2017

During the second quarter 2017, global economic growth remained solid and Vaisala’s order intake continued to increase compared to previous year both in Weather and Environment and Industrial Measurements Business Areas.

Orders for weather observation solutions from Europe and Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions improved compared to previous year. In particular, orders from meteorology and renewable energy customers increased. Orders from transportation customers decreased.

Orders for industrial measurement solutions continued to increase compared to previous year followed by solid demand in all product areas. Growth in orders was strongest in APAC. Customers’ interest towards power transmission products increased and there are several test users currently.

Half Year Financial Report 2017, July 20, 2017​

Market Outlook 2017

Vaisala is expecting moderate improvement for weather observation market compared to previous year, and as typical, customer activity is expected to improve seasonally towards the end of the year. While the budgetary constraints restrict order activity in many countries, the importance of improvements in weather observation and forecasting capabilities continue to drive demand. Growth in deliveries is expected in particular in Europe following a very weak 2016. Large project in Bahamas supports growth in Americas. Market activity for weather observation solutions is expected to increase especially among meteorology customer segment. Market development with transportation customer industries looks overall stable, whereas order intake is expected to be slightly lower than in the strong 2016 due to variations with large projects and weak short-term visibility into Chinese aviation market development. Demand for renewable energy solutions is expected to grow modestly.

Industrial measurement market outlook continues to be favorable. Especially, OEM business and continuous monitoring systems drive demand growth for industrial measurement solutions.

Half Year Financial Report 2017, July 20, 2017

Global Market Size and Growth

Weather and Environment

MEUR Meteorology Infrastructure Transportation Energy Ambient Air Quality
Market size* 450-500 300 325-375 150-200
Market Growth p.a. 0% 0-5% >10% >5%
Vaisala market share 2017* High High Low Low

Market size total ~EUR 1.3 billion, ~20% market share​ 

Industrial Measurements

MEUR Instruments Power Transmission Life Science
Market size* 420-470 170-230 275-330
Market Growth p.a. 5% 15% 10%
Vaisala market share 2017* Mid Low Low

Market size total ~EUR 1 billioin​ 

Market share indication:

  • Low <10%
  • Mid 10-25%
  • High >25%

* Vaisala estimate of the size of market that is addressable currently or with organic development in the roadmaps