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Market situation in January-December 2017

Market for weather observation solutions was active throughout the year and improved compared to previous year. Demand was particularly strong from meteorology customer segment and Vaisala signed several large contracts. Demand from renewable energy customer segment increased slightly whereas from transportation customer segment demand declined. Demand for digital solutions was flat. Demand was particularly strong in Europe. In region Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, demand developed positively even excluding the Vietnam contract. In China, demand slowed down after an active start of the year while in Americas demand development was a big disappointment.

Demand for industrial measurement solutions was solid throughout the year and increased compared to previous year. Market was strong in both APAC and EMEA while in Americas demand softened from a very good previous year. Demand for continuous monitoring systems developed favorably. Demand for power transmission products accelerated towards the end of the year.

Financial Statement Release 2017, February 7, 2018​


Market Outlook 2018

Market for traditional weather observation solutions is expected to be flat. Market growth is expected to originate from digital solutions as well as air quality measurement, however, starting from a low level. Demand for weather observation solutions is expected to improve in Americas and somewhat in China. In Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region demand is expected to be stable whereas in Europe demand is expected to decline compared to strong 2017 as customers’ decision-making may take time. Demand for digital solutions is expected to improve moderately.

Market for industrial measurement solutions is expected to be healthy. Underlying demand is expected to grow in all regions. Demand for power transmission products is expected to develop positively and continuous monitoring systems to gain speed from the release of next generation system.

Foreign exchange rates are expected to have a negative impact on reported net sales, assuming they remain at the end of 2017 level.

Financial Statement Release 2017, February 7, 2018


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