Renewable Energy

A planet full of potential

The wind and sun have powered civilization for many thousands of years. They are two of our most important and ever-present energy sources, but only recently have we learned to use them to their full potential and create lasting societal change.

Vaisala's wind and solar energy solutions

    Advancing Renewable Energy




    Wind and solar are evolving, and they are the pathways to a healthier, greener, more innovative future.

    Vaisala understands the potential — and the stakes — of this evolution, which is why we’ve built the most comprehensive set of weather and environmental technologies available for wind and solar.

    Today, Vaisala is the only company offering complete, end-to-end renewable energy solutions that give users industry-leading integration, scalability, and data quality.


    Thoughtful Evolution



    Wind and solar energy are fundamentally changing how the world is powered. Vaisala has enabled this evolution from the beginning, and we’re not done. Our weather and environment solutions will continue to make wind farms and solar plants more efficient, now and in the future.

    We’ve earned the industry’s trust by always evolving thoughtfully — expanding and enhancing our solutions so customers can innovate, evolve their practices, and meet challenges with confidence.

    Vaisala is uniquely positioned to keep fueling important renewable energy segments — accelerating change and seeing new possibilities before others do.


    Smarter at Every Stage



    Vaisala solutions provide critical insights throughout the entire renewable energy life cycle. No other company can match this. We provide 360° solutions including sensors and systems to digital services and actionable intelligence to make renewable energy smarter at every stage.

    We empower our customers to meet the greatest challenges of our time by leveraging our unsurpassed technologies to successfully navigate the quest for renewable energy to efficiently and sustainably fuel the planet.

    With Vaisala as a trusted, long-term partner, breakthroughs can come anytime, at any phase in renewable energy.


    Legacy of Leadership



    Vaisala has served customers around the world for 85+ years, with pioneering deployments in 170+ countries and even Mars. We elevate the best and brightest players in wind and solar so they can achieve their most important missions.

    Vaisala is the leading technology partner that will keep taking wind and solar companies ever higher. With decades of scientific innovation and a culture of responsibility and courage, we create new ways of thinking — evolving renewable energy and improving outcomes for people everywhere.


    Are you looking for WindCube wind lidars?

    Leosphere is now Vaisala

    In 2018, Vaisala welcomed Leosphere — creator of the WindCube® lidar suite — to our global family. Integrating Leosphere’s highly respected people and solutions has been methodical and highly advantageous, and today the integration is complete. Leosphere is now Vaisala.

    Click here to find Vaisala’s WindCube suite for wind energy.



    A Planet Full of Potential Awaits

    Are you ready to meet the greatest energy challenges of our time? Talk to our experts and see how Vaisala's complete, end-to-end renewable energy solutions deliver industry-leading integration, scalability, and data quality.