How to optimize data center performance with sensor selection and installation

Buildings and Indoor Air Quality
Industrial Measurements


Measurements done in HVAC systems are playing a crucial part in in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. However, HVAC system optimization can only be as good as the measurement data quality. Differences in sensor solutions, as well as optimal installation of the measurement devices can help to reduce costs significantly already in short time.

In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn about the influence of HVAC sensors in energy efficiency and PUE, and their impact on controls of HVAC systems.


  • Optimal sensor solutions for different monitoring needs
  • How to ensure low total cost of ownership for instruments
  • What to consider in installation and maintenance


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Anu Kätkä


The webinar is hosted by Anu Kätkä, who represents Global Product Management at Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She has extensive experience in building automation and management systems as well as metering and monitoring solutions. 

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