Paul Daniel

Jan 25, 2019
Dear Sudhir,
I am answering for my colleague Piritta Maunu as she is working on other products in Vaisala's product portfolio right now...

We all know the words behind the acronym SAT mean "Site Acceptance Testing." I consider it, quite literally, to be limited to the Testing you would do On Site before final Acceptance of a product or system from a vendor. Because products and systems vary widely in the number of components, configurability, and customization to specifications, Site Acceptance Tests also vary -- from simple to extremely complex.

For a continuous monitoring system like viewLinc, the SAT can be quite simple. What is delivered to the site is a standardized version of the software, data loggers, and any necessary communication adaptors to interface with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or VaiNet RF communication on the LAN. Because every deliverable part of the package is a standardized product, the only that we can verify is that the correct type (model and version) and number of products were delivered, along with their supporting documentation (calibration certificates, user manuals, etc.).

For custom and modular systems, SAT can be much more complex, as you would need to verify that each component was built according to the specifications before accepting them from the vendor.

I hope this helps!