Understanding metrological traceability in hydrogen peroxide sensor calibration

Assessing Calibration Traceability Uncertainty
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Metrological traceability is an important part of measurement. One of the best ways to understand an instrument’s measurement performance is to assess its accuracy. The instrument should be calibrated against an SI-traceable reference to ensure the quality of measurement data. Quality data, in turn, provides reliable information for decision-making. It's important to understand that the more calibration steps there are between the SI reference unit and the instrument, the greater the measurement uncertainty.

In the application note (PDF) below: "Understanding Calibration Traceability" you will learn how to assess an instrument's traceability from its calibration certificate. Also, scroll down to view authors' bios.

Assessing Traceability on Calibration certificates


Understanding metrological traceability in calibration  - with sample HPP270 calibration certificate (PDF)


Enni Haverinen Vaisala Senior Hardware Test Engineer

Enni Haverinen

Senior Hardware Test Engineer

As part of Vaisala's R&D team, Enni ensures quality and reliability by testing hardware from prototype to finished product. Tests include environmental, mechanical and measurement performance. With a specialty in probes in the Indigo family, Enni works with numerous measurement parameters, including carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, humidity, and dew point. Enni holds a M.Sc. in Automation and Electrical Engineering from Aalto University.

Hannu Sairanen, D.Sc. (Tech.), Applied Thermodynamics

Hannu Sairanen

Principal Scientist

As a Principal Scientist at Vaisala, Hannu Sairanen specializes in humidity measurement and applications, including humidity metrology. He has over 10 years' experience in humidity metrology, humidity measurements, and humidity-dependent processes with many publications based on his work in those areas. Hannu holds a doctorate from Aalto University in Finland, with a major in applied thermodynamics.

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