Robust science – or what makes our technology different

Teemu Hanninen
Product manager
Published: Jul 21, 2021
Power Generation and Transmission

At Vaisala, everything we do is based on scientific knowledge, exploring the new, and uncovering what cannot be seen by human senses alone. This is why we put some 14% of our net sales into R&D — to help you at your work of keeping the critical power infrastructure running.

We're a science company

At Vaisala, we’re not merely a technology company. We’re a science company. 

That’s why the core of our promise is simple: we show you what the world is really composed of. We help you sense what's hidden. We help solidify and improve your knowledge.

That’s a big deal. And the more you observe, the bigger that deal gets.

At its heart, science is robust. It hardly ever breaks down. It's what our thinking is based on. It’s what makes it possible to create solutions that work in the harshest conditions, on two planets.

Mundo do DGA

Robust science at your service

Our purpose is to shed light on the grey areas, from the depths of space to the heart of your power transformer. We’re already there to find out how Mars can be turned habitable. We are there to sense what’s hidden, to gain knowledge — and to do so with repeatedly reliable measurements. 

As a company, we are proudly obsessed with observations — because we know they’re critical to sustainable development. The need for robust, reliable and adaptable measurement has only increased with digitalization. 

Present where it matters

We want to be present where knowledge matters the most. Where we can disrupt stagnant status quo through innovation. Where we can bring clear facts to the table. Because knowledge is power. 

This is our purpose, to observe and help make sense of your world.

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