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Vaisala Sales Contacts

Industrial Measurements Sales Inquiries

  • Continuous monitoring system
  • Industrial liquid concentration measurements
  • Industrial measurement instruments
  • Power asset monitoring
  • Semiconductor liquid concentration measurements

Customer support and general inquiries
+1 800-408-9454
[email protected]

Applications support
Industrial Measurement Instruments 
(Pressure, humidity, temperature, dewpoint, CO2 transmitters and probes)
+1 800-408-9452

Continuous Monitoring Systems 
(ViewLinc, vNet, data loggers, access points)
+1 800-408-9452

Power Transformer Monitoring 
(Digital Gas Analyzers, Moisture/ Hydrogen/ Temperature in oil transmitters)
+ 1 800-408-9452

Liquid Concentration Measurements 
(Process refractometers)
+1 781-537-1005

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