Critical Measurement Parameters in Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-decontamination

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Biodecontamination
Janice Bennett-Livingston
Life Science

In this blog, we offer a white paper that outlines the relationships between temperature, relative humidity and relative saturation in measuring hydrogen peroxide vapor with Vaisala’s HPP270 series probes.

The paper covers condensation levels, sensor function, and an in-depth description of how the relative saturation value is obtained and its importance in monitoring bio-decontamination processes.
The white paper includes several graphs to illustrate how the relevant measurands affect each other. For example, temperature influences the amount of hydrogen peroxide vapor that can present before condensation occurs. Therefore, it is insufficient to look only at relative humidity in bio-decontamination processes; air that holds vaporized hydrogen peroxide condenses at <100% relative humidity, depending on the temperature and the H2O2 vapor concentration. When the air mixture contains vaporized H2O2, relative humidity can never reach 100% making it nearly impossible to estimate when condensation will occur.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Webinar

Achieving Effective H2O2 Bio-decontamination in Facilities & Containment Systems

In this webinar we discuss how bio-decontamination applications can benefit from vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
Learning Objectives:
  • Three key parameters that ensure process efficacy
  • Best practices for cycle development
  • How to integrate in-line H2O2 sensors for process control

Download our Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide and increase the efficacy and repeatability of your vaporized hydrogen peroxide processes. 

The guide includes links to:

  • On-demand webinars about room and isolator bio-decontamination
  • Measurement glossary related to general terms such as hysteresis, non-linearity, resolution, etc.
  • Application notes on bio-decontaminating facilities or isolators, transfer hatches and restricted access barrier systems
  • Measurement technology information on relative saturation, relative humidity, temperature and vaporized hydrogen peroxide
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Jan 17, 2020
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Janice Bennett-Livingston

Jan 20, 2020
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