Temperature Measurement

Measuring temperature is important both in weather observations and in many industrial applications.

Temperature – a Critical Parameter across Applications

In weather applications such as meteorology, agrology, and hydrology, temperature is one of the standard parameters measured.

In industrial applications, temperature is a universally critical parameter. Temperature measurement is important in many applications and across multiple industries, including food and beverage processing, HVAC, laboratories and distribution centers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device applications, hospitals, blood and tissue storage, chemical processing, automotive, data centers, and aerospace.

Different Temperature Sensor Types

Temperature sensors are one of the most common sensors on the planet; in addition to wide weather measurement network, they are used also in over 50% of all industrial applications.

Different industrial applications require different temperature sensors. The most commonly used sensors are:

  • Thermocouples
  • Semi-conductor-based sensors
  • Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

For many critical and regulated industrial applications, a device equipped with an RTD is preferred as the most accurate and stable temperature sensor.  Vaisala offers devices that use different kinds of temperature sensors depending on the needs of your application.

Temperature Measurement Excellence

For over 85 years, Vaisala has been pioneering sensor technology, creating industry-best solutions like HUMICAP®, CARBOCAP®, PEROXCAP®, DRYCAP®, and others. Our temperature probes, transmitters, data loggers and meters are designed to meet the needs of light and heavy industries, GxP regulated applications, hazardous areas and demanding environments. Leverage our unique innovations such as chemical purge to mitigate sensor drift.

We offer on-site calibration, customized calibration, and factory calibration and repair services in our world-class facilities to ensure the long-term accuracy and extended product lifespan in even the most demanding environments.


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Temperature buffers

Temperature sensors are often placed into a thermal buffer to ensure that normal fluctuations in temperature-controlled environments do not cause false alarms.

In this application note, we discuss different types of thermal buffers, the utility of standardizing buffering material, and the option of using time-based buffers (alarm delays) in monitoring software to achieve the same effect – reducing nuisance alarms. 

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Temperature Monitoring Applications

Vaisala temperature measurement devices are ideal for a wide range of applications, laboratories, freezers, and refrigerators, cold rooms, and warehouses; as well as test chambers and other industrial applications.
All over the world,  especially in GxP-regulated environments, Vaisala’s transmitters and data loggers monitor the temperature in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, blood and tissue, semiconductor manufacturing, museums and archives, calibration laboratories, aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, and as a time-saving replacement for chart recorders.

Vaisala viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System

viewLinc is ideal for both light and heavy industrial environments, as well as GxP-regulated applications. With the widest selection of data loggers, transmitters and handheld temperature sensing devices, viewLinc ensures data integrity and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11. Data loggers can connect to viewLinc over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PoE or Vaisala's proprietary wireless technology: VaiNet. Temperature measurements are traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories. Options include intrinsically safe devices for hazardous/explosive areas.

For non-Vaisala environmental monitoring systems and Building Automation systems, Vaisala's OPC UA Server software integrates viewLinc data to your existing systems. Alternately, the viewLinc Application Programming Interface enables access to the viewLinc data base with a one‐time programming task. viewLinc also communicates with Modbus-enabled devices.

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HUMICAP Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP155

Vaisala’s HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP155 delivers accuracy and reliability under even the most challenging conditions including tropical, coastal, and marine environments.

The HMP155 is engineered to deliver precise data in high humidity climates where moisture is near saturation, in environments with changing temperatures, and in harsh environments where measurements may be corrupted by chemicals, fog, mist, rain, and heavy dew.

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Temperature Insight and Materials


How to cut data center cooling energy consumption with accurate measurements

Download a free insider’s guide to get the best tips on cutting data center cooling energy consumption with accurate measurements.

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Data Centers Going Green

How much can precise HVAC measurements influence energy consumption of cooling systems?

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VaiNet 無線技術による viewLinc 5.1 の短いアニメーションを見る

VaiNet 無線技術による viewLinc 5.1 の短いアニメーションを見る

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Mean Kinetic Temperature: History, Math, and Applications

In this webinar we outline the history of the mean kinetic temperature calculation in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. We will include an overview of the regulatory guidance on MKT from the FDA, EMA, and ICH.

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Customer case

Keeping temperature and humidity conditions under control at the Jusélius Mausoleum

In 2020, the condition monitoring was changed from traditional thermohygrometers to Vaisala’s viewLinc continuous condition monitoring system. 

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