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32% less lightning in May-June 2020
Blogi | 18. Elo 2020

Where’s all my lightning?

Among the sights and sounds of summer are lightning and thunder. They are wedded with our culture, so much so, that in places with higher...
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Tapahtumat ammattilaisille

Event: WindEnergy Hamburg
Tapahtuma | 01. Joulu 2020

WindEnergy Hamburg

From December 1-4, 2020, WindEnergy Hamburg will once again become the global meeting point for the onshore and offshore wind energy industry...
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Men at sea port with a ship on the background
Tapahtuma | 01. Joulu 2020

Oceanology International 2020

Oceanology International is turning 50 as the world’s largest ocean technology exhibition and conference. New features, free interactive...
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Tapahtuma | 10. Tammi 2021

AMS Annual Meeting

AMS 101st Annual Meeting will be first-ever Virtual Annual Meeting. Join with us, register now!
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person in pharmaceutical laboratory cleanroom
Tapahtuma | 09. Helmi 2021

Lounges 2021

Welcome to meet our experts and reliable measurement instruments and continuous monitoring system at booth H1.9 in Lounges 2021, Karlsruhe! We...
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industrial ventilation pipes
Tapahtuma | 09. Maalis 2021

Sisäilmastoseminaari 2021

Our instruments for HVAC applications offer a variety of benefits: High-quality measurement instruments are essential when it comes to...
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Tapahtuma | 24. Maalis 2021

Advanced Engineering 2021

At Advanced Engineering you can scan the market in a very efficient way, try a broad spectra of different variants of products & services during...
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woman and man at construction site
Tapahtuma | 13. Huhti 2021

Finnbuild 2021

FinnBuild – The International Building and Building Services Fair showcases the latest products and services, working methods and solutions for...
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biogas plant
Tapahtuma | 14. Huhti 2021


The 7th international conference REGATEC 2021 revolves around renewable methane for G-mobility and/or grid injection, including anaerobic...
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Besuchen Sie uns auf der Sensor+Test 2020!
Tapahtuma | 04. Touko 2021

Sensor + Test 2021

SENSOR+TEST is the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technologies worldwide. You can find our experts at stand 1-414 in Hall 1...
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Engineer checking transformer
Tapahtuma | 02. Kesä 2021

Pohjoinen teollisuus 2021

Welcome to visit our experts at our stand # 102. Pohjoinen Teollisuus (Northern Industry) themes includes maintenance and technology solutions...
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 Laboratory workbench pharmacy
Tapahtuma | 03. Kesä 2021

Laborama 2021

LABORAMA 2021 , the event for the laboratory section, offers a platform where professional users and providers can enter into contact with each...
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women in laboratory
Tapahtuma | 06. Heinä 2021

Making Pharmaceuticals 2021

We will present our reliable and accurate measurement instruments and technologies for measuring humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, dew...
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