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Case Study - Fort Collins Colorado: Safer roads in any weather
Customer case

Safer roads in any weather

How the Streets Department of the City of Fort Collins uses mobile sensors and data visualization to proactively and efficiently maintain the...
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Lightning over Tokyo at night.
Blogi | 05. Heinä 2021

Gold medal lightning

No, Usain Bolt is still retired, but he does have one child named Thunder and one named Olympia Lightning. We are, however, just a few weeks...
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Blogi | 24. Kesä 2021

Lightning by the numbers

If a thunderstorm has only 25 cloud-to-ground flashes, is it really that dangerous? What if it has 250, 2,500, 25,000? Does more lightning in a...
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Plane taking off in lightning
Blogi | 22. Kesä 2021

Aviation lightning safety

Today, we presented a webinar looking at the lightning risk around airports. With personnel loading and unloading baggage and cargo, fueling...
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Tapahtumat ammattilaisille

Tapahtuma | 29. Elo 2021

PWX Public Works Expo 2021

Join Vaisala at the PWX2021 in St. Louis, Missouri! PWX provides a first-class learning experience designed for professionals at all levels and...
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laboratory instruments
Tapahtuma | 14. Syys 2021

Single-use event 2021

Suppliers and users will meet at the ultimate networking event in the world of bioprocessing, biotechnology and (bio)pharmaceutical...
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Tapahtuma | 16. Syys 2021

Transformatordag 2021

Come and meet us at Transformatordag 2021 organized at Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth in the Netherlands. Our experts as we as representatives of our...
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biogas plant
Tapahtuma | 20. Syys 2021


The 7th international conference REGATEC 2021 revolves around renewable methane for G-mobility and/or grid injection, including anaerobic...
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industrial ventilation pipes
Tapahtuma | 05. Loka 2021

UK Construction Week 2021

Welcome to have a chat with Vaisala experts at our stand E100 and see the highest quality measurement instruments for measuring humidity...
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women in laboratory
Tapahtuma | 05. Loka 2021

Making Pharmaceuticals 2021

We will present our reliable and accurate measurement instruments and technologies for measuring humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, dew...
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Vaisala cleanroom
Tapahtuma | 05. Loka 2021

Forum Labo 2021

Forum LABO brings together the profession of the laboratory: large, medium and small companies, startups, researchers, students, learned...
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Power station in sunset
Tapahtuma | 06. Loka 2021

Verkosto 2021 / Network 2021

Trade fair for energy and information networks It will gather professionals of the network business to discuss the future of the industry and...
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Tapahtuma | 11. Loka 2021

ITS World Congress 2021

Join Vaisala at the ITS World Congress, in Hamburg, Germany! The ITS World Congress is the world’s largest and most prominent event focused on...
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