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Historias de éxito

Biogas plant
Success Story

From waste to value

New Technology Enabling Biogas Plant Optimization Effective biogas process optimization requires in situ monitoring of the key parameters...
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Artículos de expertos

A snowfall and a road viewed from inside a car.
Blog | Jul 7, 2020

Road weather forecasting

In our previous blog post, we focused on how weather impacts road users and their safety. One key conclusion: Combining today’s connected car...
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Blog | Jun 26, 2020

How does Vaisala detect lightning?

How can Vaisala detect lightning around the world? How can sensors at a small number of locations detect lightning so far away? Angles and times...
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Lightning around the world
Blog | Jun 24, 2020

Lightning safety around the world

Huge amounts of lightning occur around the world, and over two billion lightning events have been detected each of the last five years! These...
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Nasa Curiosity Rover
Blog | Jun 24, 2020

Creating space-proof technology

Vaisala’s pressure and humidity sensors are soon on their way to Mars once again as part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, in collaboration...
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Eventos profesionales

Autonomous cars
Event | Aug 18, 2020

TU-Automotive Detroit

The Virtual edition of TU-Automotive Detroit, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles, WardsAuto Interiors Conference and WardsAuto UX Conference! Join us...
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Indigo with dual probes
Event | Aug 26, 2020

iMiD 2020 Korea Display Exhibition

The 20th IMID Display Exhibition, the largest national display exhibition, will be held at COEX, Seoul, Korea from August 26th(Wed.) ~ 28th(Fri...
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Biogas plant
Event | Sep 2, 2020

Expo Biogaz 2020

Expo Biogaz 2020 - the trade show dedicated to renewable gas. Come visit our experts at stand C38 to discuss the benefits of continuous in-line...
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Vaisala viewLinc
Event | Sep 15, 2020

Salon Pharmacosmetech 2020

Welcome to meet our measurement and monitoring experts, instruments and continuous monitoring system for environmental condition monitoring at...
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Engineer checking transformer
Event | Sep 30, 2020

Pohjoinen teollisuus 2020

Welcome to visit our experts at our stand # 102. Pohjoinen Teollisuus (Northern Industry) themes includes maintenance and technology solutions...
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woman and man at construction site
Event | Oct 7, 2020

Finnbuild 2020

FinnBuild – The International Building and Building Services Fair showcases the latest products and services, working methods and solutions for...
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Wind Energy in Turkey (Photo of turbine on Turkish wind farm)
Event | Oct 7, 2020

Wind Finland 2020

The biggest wind power seminar in Finland gathers over 150 people from at least 10 different countries to learn from the latest winds in the...
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Vaisala cleanroom
Event | Oct 7, 2020

Forum Labo 2020

Forum LABO LYON human-sized exhibition of laboratory material and services suppliers, a friendly space for meetings and exchanges, which...
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Lab Equipment
Event | Oct 14, 2020

Mesures Solutions EXPO Lyon 2020

Come and visit our experts at Mesures solutions EXPO2020. You are welcome to find out more in our experts presentation on Wednesday 14th october...
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biogas plant
Event | Oct 15, 2020


The 7th international conference REGATEC 2020 revolves around renewable methane for G-mobility and/or grid injection, including anaerobic...
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 Laboratory workbench pharmacy
Event | Oct 28, 2020

Thailand Lab International

The 10th International Trade Exhibition and conference on Analytical Laboratory Equipment & Technology, Biotechnology & Life Sciences and...
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Wind Park
Event | Oct 28, 2020

Brazil Windpower 2020

Brazil Windpower is the largest global initiative in the sector dedicated to business development and wind power generation projects in Brazil...
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