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Nuuk Airport in Greenland, modernizes with AviMet AWOS for airport safety and efficiency
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Expanding the possibilities

Nuuk Airport in Greenland, modernizes with AviMet AWOS for airport safety and efficiency The client: COMSA Corporación, Kalaallit Airports Group...
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Artículos de expertos

Leosphere Nacelle-mounted lidar in Oklahoma
Blog | jun. 2, 2023

WindCube Nacelle TI algorithm

Vaisala recently published an informative white paper, Turbulence Intensity Measurements with WindCube® Nacelle, written by Vaisala scientist...
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Vaisala CL61 and FD70 for Aviation
Blog | mar. 29, 2023

From cloud to ground

A few weeks ago, Vaisala’s aviation team were proud to be present at the inaugural Airspace World in Geneva, Switzerland. Organized by CANSO...
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PDFs in GxP Monitoring system records
Blog | mar. 18, 2023

Are PDFs secure enough for GxP?

This is a question that came up during our webinar on Data Integrity. In this blog, we answer at length. This is a common concern because, with...
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WindCube in the moroccan desert
Blog | mar. 6, 2023

Lidar applications in wind energy

Lidar technology is simple to install and use for various wind energy measurement needs. Vertical profiling lidar is accepted for bankable Wind...
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Eventos profesionales

IDRF Tagung, Germany 2023
Event | jun. 20, 2023

IDRF Tagungen, Germany

Join Vaisala for IDRF Germany 2023. The IDRF conference will take place on June 20th, 2023 at IX Airport Park, Schwabenstraße 4, 87766...
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GxP monitoring
Event | jul. 5, 2023

Lab Africa

analytica Lab Africa is the largest exhibition in Africa for laboratories to source products, information and services. Analytica Lab Africa is...
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Event | jul. 23, 2023

foodpro 2023

foodpro is Australia's largest, and longest running, trade event dedicated to food production, manufacturing and distribution. Industry leaders...
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