Vaisala at Talk Helsinki Event: Pioneering decarbonization and the Green Transition

Talk Helsinki event panel discussion on decarbonization
Miia Lahti, Communications Manager, Industrial Measurements Business Area
Miia Lahti
Viestintäpäällikkö, Teollisten mittausten liiketoiminta-alue
Jenni Brunila at the Talk Helsinki panel

In a captivating panel discussion this month at Talk Helsinki, Vaisala’s Jenni Brunila shared the stage with other industry experts to discuss the green transition and sustainable solutions.

Businesses need to embrace green initiative

The key theme of the discussion was the role of business in creating a more sustainable world. The panelists discussed how embracing green technology and solutions was a strategic investment - reducing costs through more efficient resource use, while saving money.

Vaisala's involvement and examples showed how companies can make a positive impact, demonstrating that even small shifts can lead to big improvements for the environment.

Measurement data drives smart decisions

It was clear that measurement and data will play a key role in the green shift. Within the industrial landscape, the sources of emissions are well-known, with fossil fuel combustion topping the list. Addressing this measurement challenge requires both innovative technologies, like those within the hydrogen economy, and immediate actions within current production processes.

Jenni discussed also an example from the baking industry - by integrating Vaisala's measurement instrument, which monitors moisture and temperature during baking, a bakery was able to significantly reduce baking time and, consequently, natural gas consumption by 20%. Additionally, product quality improved, leading to less waste. 

Commitment to a greener tomorrow

Vaisala's commitment goes beyond the present moment, with long-lasting instruments that show a dedication to reducing waste. After the panel discussion Markku Ollikainen, the Chairman of the Finnish Climate Panel, also highlighted the importance of increasing the use of reliable measurement technology to better understand our environment.  He emphasized,

“Expanding the use of Vaisala's measurement technology and increasing the measurement network in the Arctic and tropical rainforests is absolutely crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the development of global carbon sinks."

At this pivotal time when every choice counts, the discussions at the Talk Helsinki event reminds us that technology is needed for a cleaner, brighter future. Only with smart minds collaborating on new ideas can we overcome the challenges we face, one innovative solution at a time.

Talk Helsinki event panel discussion on decarbonization

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