Paul Daniel

10. Marras 2021
Hi Darya. Thanks for listening in.

I think your approach is sound. I have used hanging dataloggers in the past. Not for a full warehouse mapping, but to place dataloggers at the highest possible storage locations above a top rack. I don’t see a particular reason why you couldn’t do an entire warehouse this way. However, typically when we place a datalogger on something, like a rack, we have the luxury of knowing where it is relative to the rack. We can say, datalogger was placed on Row 2, Bay 3, or some such. So, you will want to be sure that you have some strategy to clearly document the location of each mapping sensor. Also, though not a GxP concern, do keep safety in mind. Hanging lines/ropes from the highest points of a warehouse is dangerous, and will require safety gear such as fall harnesses, and appropriate equipment to safely reach the ceiling. Please report back with your success story!