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Semiconductor wafer and microelectronics fabrication is a demanding process with little room for mistakes. The industry depends on high-performing monitoring and measurement instrumentation for precise chemical compositions and atmospheric conditions. 

Vaisala offering for semiconductor manufacturing

Vaisala offers trusted and reliable measurements for semiconductor manufacturers and MEMS foundries, semiconductor equipment vendors, fab operators, and material suppliers. 

The semicon process refractometers are for in-line concentration monitoring in bulk chemical and slurry delivery dispensing, and point-of-use blending, spiking, and polishing processes. 

Vaisala's accurate measurement instruments of air pressure, temperature, and humidity provide precise data on the manufacturing environment and offer superior accuracy, long-term stability, and rapid response time.


Why Vaisala?

Vaisala is a deep expert of the semiconductor industry and a trusted partner for our customers.
We have a thorough, inside-out understanding of the business by designing and manufacturing products
to different critical semiconductor processes from chemicals and process quality monitoring to ambient air monitoring.

Our process understanding is completed by our own in-house cleanroom and manufacturing high-quality microchips
to Vaisala products and for R&D purposes.

Vaisala is committed to supporting products throughout the entire lifecycle,
and superior services and support is offered locally near you.  

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Customer case

Exceeding the high-precision demands of integrated circuit manufacturing: the role of Vaisala’s instruments in cleanrooms Semiconductor manufacturing

The client: China Electronics System Engineering CEFOF and semiconductor manufacturer Beijing Memory Technologies, Inc. (BJMT) 
The challenge: create a cleanroom environment with a monitoring system capable of monitoring really tight temperature and relative humidity tolerances
The solution: Vaisala HMT370EX, Vaisala HMT120 and Vaisala HMT330. All perfect for the challenging process conditions delivering superior measurements

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Customer case

Why Vaisala is a preferred vendor for many semiconductor fabrication plants for qualifying H2O2 concentration in CMP of tungsten

RI measurement is a simple, cost-effective, and accurate technique that provides real-time information on slurry composition, making a refractometer the metrology instrument of choice for many fabrication plants.

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Understand and utilize real-time data in CMP process

Accurate and fast RI and RH measurements for optimized CMP tool performance  

Did you know that the refractive index or RI measurement with an inline process refractometer is a safe, cost-effective,
real-time, low-maintenance process monitoring method to accurately determine wet chemical concentrations? 

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Quality semiconductor products need quality machinery enhanced with the best monitoring equipment

In this blog, we look at Vaisala’s range of humidity and pressure sensors that ensure accurate measurements for manufacturers of the machines used to produce semiconductors.

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Water is one of the most significant contaminants in semiconductor manufacturing – measure your moisture, humidity and temperature accurately

To avoid issues with product quality and yield, moisture and temperature levels must be monitored extremely carefully in semiconductor manufacturing fabrications. 

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Optimize Wafer Quality and Yield with Real-time Data During the CMP Process

Register for this webinar to learn why Vaisala process refractometers have been installed by hundreds of semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. We’ll review the technology behind our measurement solutions and share common applications before sharing sample use cases from fabricators.

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Säkerställ avkastning vid tillverkning av halvledare och batterier

Delta i detta webbseminarium och få information om olika tekniker för bästa mätnoggrannhet och kvalitet, praktiska lösningar för att bibehålla optimala tillverkningsförhållanden i renrum och torkrum och hur du väljer rätt produkt för din applikation.

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