Life Cycle Agreements for Weather Applications

Life Cycle Agreements for Weather Applications

Life Cycle Agreements for Weather Applications

Vaisala offers fit-for-purpose service agreements for optimal life cycle maintenance of your Vaisala product or system. Life cycle agreements are available for various weather applications, for both new products and systems, as well as for those already in operation.​

Life cycle agreements are scalable, fit different modes of operation, and can be tailored to specific customer needs. The service scope can range from simple priority technical support to a very holistic full-care service coverage by Vaisala and our local service partners. We support both hybrid and full-service maintenance, letting you decide which Vaisala life cycle services best fit your operations and practical needs.​

Key Benefits

Reduce downtime


Life cycle services by Vaisala’s maintenance experts prevent unexpected downtime, ensuring optimal asset availability and reliability. We commit to keeping your operations running smoothly, while you can focus on your core business.

Optimize total cost of ownership


A Vaisala life cycle agreement ensures cost-efficient maintenance operations. Long-term cost predictability makes life cycle cost-planning easy while mitigating the risk of unforeseen maintenance costs along the way.

Ensure continuous accurate measurements


Vaisala life cycle services to maintain top performance even in the most challenging weather and environmental conditions. We ensure continuous and accurate measurement data and have the capabilities for remote monitoring.​

Service availability by product area

Life cycle agreements for weather applications service availability chart

MyVaisala portal for life cycle agreement customers

Vaisala provides a convenient online platform for our life cycle agreement customers. In MyVaisala, you can:​

  • Create and follow up on your service support cases 24/7/365​
  • View your service contract details with the option to renew​
  • View your quotes made via the Online Store and all sales orders with line-item details, shipping status, and tracking information​
  • View assets and download any associated sales order calibration certificates​
  • View your calibration and repair orders​
  • Make warranty claims online​
  • Access our Product Documentation Portal where you can find datasheets, user guides, and technical notes​
MyVaisala support portal
Interested in Vaisala Life Cycle Agreements

Interested in Vaisala Life Cycle Agreements?

Contact us to learn more about Vaisala’s Life Cycle Agreements and maintenance services for your Vaisala product or system.

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