Organization and Management

Management Structure

The Vaisala Group is managed by the Board of Directors, the President & CEO and Vaisala Management Group.

The Board of Directors’ duties and responsibilities include the approval and confirmation of strategic guidelines and principles of risk management, ratification of annual budgets and plans, decisions on corporate structure, major acquisitions and investments and the appointment of the Chairman of the Board and the President & CEO.

The Chairman of the Board and the President & CEO are responsible for ensuring that the plans and goals set by the Board of Directors are carried out within the Vaisala organization. In addition, the President & CEO is responsible for the operative leadership within the scope of the strategic and operative plans, budgets and action plans approved by the Group’s Board of Directors. The President presents issues concerning the operations and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Board.

Vaisala Management Group supports the President & CEO in executing the corporate strategy. It follows business developments, initiates actions and defines operative principles and methods in accordance with guidelines handed down by the Board of Directors and by the President & CEO.