Juhani Lehto

Oct 13, 2023
Dear Tarek,
Typical solution is that the dryer is controlled by the online dew point measurement. For example, the desiccant dryer regeneration cycle has been traditionally controlled based on time (assumption when the drying agent needs regeneration). A much better way is to switch dryer towers based on the real moisture inside the tower and that can be detected by measuring the outlet of the dryer. As soon as the output gets moisture it is time to switch. This saves energy and money because the tower drying is based on real-time measurement. I recommend reading this article about compressed air drying: https://www.vaisala.com/en/lp/compressed-air-eguide-benefit-industrial-measurements This document also contains a list of suitable dew point transmitter that fits in your dew point range.
Best regards, Juhani Lehto