dic. 3, 2021
Dear Ismael Moda,
Our dewpoint probes contain DRYCAP sensor. Unfortunately, DRYCAP sensor is not sold as a spare part as it is not easy to replace. You may either send your existing probe to Vaisala service center for sensor replacement (Select CRS Product | Vaisala Store) or buy a new dewpoint probe. If you are referring to our humidity products, then we do have INTERCAP sensor that is user changeable: INTERCAP® Humidity Sensor 15778HM | Vaisala Store. It is compatible with following product: HMD40, HMD50, HMW40, HMW50, HMD42, HMW53, HMW80, HMP60, HMP50, HUMITTER, HMD60Y, HMD60U, HMD70U, HMD70Y, HMT330.