Values and purpose

Our company purpose is Taking every measure for the planet. Our purpose emphasizes our critical role in enabling data-driven climate action and shows our commitment to sustainability. Our way of working is driven by four core values. They are the basis of all our activities, both within the company and with our partners and customers.

  Customer Focus
Customers are the core of our global impact: through our solutions and customers, we can live our mission and have a positive handprint on the world. We strive for deep understanding of our customers' needs and aim at meeting them in everything we do.

  Innovation and Renewal
We embrace pioneering innovation and drive change through continuous improvement and learning. Through our technological innovations we wish to enhance positive change in the world, providing observations for a better world.

  Strong Together
We excel by sharing, learning and working together with each other and our stakeholders. Our professional employees are the backbone of our business, and we also collaborate in the scientific community globally.

We are honest, respectful and reliable. We promote sustainable and ethical behavior. Sustainability and responsibility are integrated in all our business practices, and we expect similar behavior from all our partners, according to our Code of Conduct.