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    Site survey

    Vaisala project services, site survey


    Our professional survey ensures your observation system benefits from optimal positioning and performance. Using our precision survey tools and software, we can identify any interferences that could compromise performance.


    • Provides reliable and accurate data on the proposed site
    • Ensures optimal system positioning and performance
    • Uses proprietary, precision survey tools and software
    • Identifies possible sources of interference such as noise for sensor operation
    • Accounts for microclimate environments and variations in topography

    Project management

    Vaisala project services, project management


    Vaisala provides reliable end-to-end project management for professional project execution. With extensive expertise, our project managers ensure successful and high-quality project delivery within the agreed project scope, budget, and timeline.



    Vaisala project services: engineering


    Vaisala offers engineering service with the possibility of modifying the software or hardware of Vaisala products and systems according to customer-specific needs. This includes designing and integrating Vaisala systems directly into your existing infrastructure.


    FD70 installation at the site



    Our installation service ensures that your Vaisala system is optimally set up. An installation may include anything from setting up the hardware to integrating the Vaisala system into your existing infrastructure, making sure you have a smooth start-up.

    Installations are carried out by our professional and experienced personnel according to pre-defined guidelines. We offer remote installation and support for selected products and systems. For large network installations, Vaisala engineers can provide on-site training to your personnel, making sure your business is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to start using the new Vaisala product or system immediately.

    Professional installation by a Vaisala expert reduces the unexpected costs related to future maintenance and enables efficient operation, reliable data flow, and a long lifespan for your Vaisala product or system.

    Acceptance testing

    Vaisala Project Services - Acceptance Testing


    To verify the correct operation of a system, we carry out extensive acceptance testing procedures to ensure that every functional detail has been checked and the system is performing according to specifications. Acceptance tests are carried out according to product-specific protocols at our factory or on-site. By participating in the acceptance testing process, you gain a deeper insight into the functionality of your Vaisala system.


    • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is conducted at Vaisala’s facilities according to a predefined protocol and can also be performed as a remote or observed factory acceptance test
    • Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is conducted at the installation site to ensure a smooth start-up and fulfillment of system performance requirements


    Vaisala project services: training


    Vaisala provides both practical hands-on training and online training through the project stages to strengthen your personnel's knowledge-base and capability development. The training package is always determined based on the customer demand and the project scope.

    Our training courses cover a variety of subjects, including data interpretation, system hardware and software, operational use, maintenance, and various application-specific topics. We help you succeed with our experienced instructors, versatile learning materials, and 24/7 follow-up online training.


    • Practical on-site training
    • Classroom training at Vaisala Training Center
    • Remote training via Zoom
    • 24/7 online training

    Consulting and pilots

    Vaisala project services, consulting and pilots


    We offer knowledge-intensive consultation and pilots in Vaisala’s key areas of business: environmental observation in meteorology, weather-critical operations, and controlled environments. We cooperate closely with our customers to find the best solutions at the intersection of optimal measurements, necessary utilities, and health and safety. Our consultation and pilots service scope includes:


    • Assessments and feasibility studies
    • Process and operational advisory
    • Weather network design

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    Vaisala is known as a reliable partner for the end-to-end delivery of high-quality turnkey projects. With decades of worldwide operational experience and technological expertise, Vaisala project services cover all stages from planning and installation to acceptance testing and personnel training.

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