How to stretch maintenance resources by adding real-time DGA data to your tool kit

Power Generation and Transmission
1:00pm ET

Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is a power transmission industry standard for critical asset health monitoring, but infrequent manual oil sampling can delay maintenance or miss a fault altogether, all while requiring resources and time to process.

When the entire grid is at stake, operations managers and engineers need real-time, accessible data on non-monitored transformers so they can make informed decisions regarding field service resources without driving up O&M costs.

Find out how major energy providers like Duke Energy and Xcel Energy have added mobile, online DGA to their fault assessment monitoring in this upcoming webinar. We’ll be joined by KRIN USA, the U.S. provider of the trailer mounted OPT100, for a discussion on:

  • How mobile DGA differs from traditional lab kits and manual sampling.
  • How easily the mobile monitor is deployed on energized transformers.
  • How engineers and opaerations managers can access trending DGA data.
  • How current customers are seeing the value in this solution, with example cases.

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LIFT-Dennis Morgan


Dennis Morgan is the General Manager at KRIN USA and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of transformer and lube oil maintenance. He is the founder of 4 companies in this space and is the author of “Basic Principles of Vacuum Dehydration” (2010).  Dennis has been designing equipment for cleaning, drying, and managing transformer oil for most of his career and has systems in service around the globe.

Dennis is a graduate from Ashland University with degrees in Business Management, Administration and Accounting.



Mark Gross Regional Manager, Vaisala Power Solutions

As a Regional Manager for the Vaisala Power Solutions business, Mark has 25+ years of experience working in the Power Generation, Renewable Energy and Green/Hi Tech industries. He has also founded and managed companies in the alternative energy and fuels segments in both the US and Latin America.

Mark holds an MBA from The Olin Graduate School of Business and is tri-lingual in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.