2024 ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition

viewLinc monitoring a cleanroom
Life Science

The 2024 ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition, which serves the Asia's Bio/Pharma Manufacturing Community, will be held in Suntec Singapore from 29th to 30th August 2024.

Vaisala, together with our authorized distributor Kele & Associates Pte Ltd ,will be showcasing our GxP-compliant continuous monitoring system and other related measurement solutions at the exhibition.

Come and discuss your measuring challenges by stopping by stand 731.

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What are the limits of VaiNet/viewLinc 5.0 (wireless range, placement of AP10s)?

  • POWER: The VaiNet RFL100 wireless data loggers require very low power. Each logger uses two standard AA alkaline batteries.
  • RANGE: VaiNet uses LoRa wireless technology running about 900 mHz. The low-frequency signal provides a very long-range (> 300 ft.) of communication. The signal is excellent at penetrating  walls, shelves, other Wi-Fi network signals, human beings, etc.
  • ACCESSORIES: One Vaisala AP10 (access point) will support up to (32) RFL100 loggers.

VaiNet Technology Application Note

Petri Dishes

Life Science Solutions - for Real Life

Vaisala provides systems and services that reduce the risks of environmental deviations and regulatory non-compliance. Our solutions monitor, alarm and record conditions in storage and processing areas for time/temperature-sensitive products.

Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system with new wireless technology


viewLinc Monitoring System is an ideal solution for continuous monitoring of environmental data. It is a total solution with data loggers, software, service and IQOQ validation for GxP regulated environments. The latest version of viewLinc introduces a new, long-range wireless technology - VaiNet. It enables superior signal strength (≥100 meters) and penetration compared to other technologies used in wireless monitoring systems.

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