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Water (H2O) can present itself in three different forms: solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (humidity). Humidity is an invisible gas that can be measured and defined with different parameters. Relative humidity indicates the present state relative to maximum humidity in a given temperature. Dew point temperature indicates the temperature to which air needs to be cooled in order to reach condensation. For industrial-scale manufacturing, controlling these parameters is a must for good quality end-products and efficient manufacturing processes.

Get to know Vaisala’s reliable and durable measurement solutions for humidity, dew point, and moisture.


Humidity is measured in many air control applications, where the relative humidity is for the most part over 10 %. Relative humidity (RH) is a measure of the water vapor content of air. For more information, read the article what relative humidity is and why it is important. 

Find humidity measurement products by typical applications: 
test chambersbuilding automation and HVACspray dryingpaint boothsbiogas production, and bio-decontamination.


White paper: Controlling high-humidity applications with dew point temperature

This white paper is a vital resource for anyone aiming to maintain a controlled environment in a high-humidity application.

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Dew Point

Dew point measurements are needed when controlling air in dry processes, usually with relative humidity below 10 %. For more information about dew point, read the article "What is dew point and how to measure it?". Find dew point measurement products by typical application: compressed air dryingfluid bed drying3D printinglithium-ion battery manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Choose the right instrument for humidity and dew point


Avoiding moisture in concrete or structures requires high quality measurement. Moisture measurements are essential also when there is a need to protect engines or to ensure high-quality oil with moisture in oil measurements

Moisture in Oil (MiO) measurement

Dew point temperature or frost point temperature?

Select the correct parameter output to low humidity applications

Sometimes, the terms are mixed in the industrial language, and dew point temperature might actually refer to frost point temperature. 

Read Vaisala's recommendations here (PDF)

Humidity Control in Hazardous Locations

Humidity control is critical in many spaces where flammable or explosive materials such as fuels, chemicals, explosives are being stored. These spaces are designated as hazardous due to potentially explosive atmospheres. They require specially designed and approved instruments for safe operation. 

Vaisala's intrinsically safe humidity instrument for hazardous locations is the HMT370EX Humidity and Temperature Transmitter.

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High-quality measurement benefits


Especially in drying applications, accurate humidity measurement can bring significant savings in both energy and costs. By knowing the humidity level you can, for example, avoid over-drying and heating the air too much.

End-product quality

Exact humidity data helps you optimize your production process and facilities, as well as make sure that the humidity level in your end-products is just right. Depending on the product, it can mean for example longer shelf life or improved stability.

Safety & well-being

Humidity control in facilities and moisture control in structures improve both safety and well-being when the air is optimized for breathing and the formation of mold is avoided. Controlling process humidity is also crucial for safety and well-being.

Vaisala humidity calculator

Relative humidity, absolute humidity, wet-bulb temperature, enthalpy, water concentration, and many more. Humidity calculations and conversions made easy.

Humidity Calculator

Trusted HUMICAP® and DRYCAP® technologies

We have been the industry leader in humidity measurements for over 40 years. Our solutions are suitable also for very demanding measurement conditions. Vaisala’s HUMICAP® and DRYCAP® technologies have been trusted for decades due to their accuracy and stability. 

Humidity and Multigas Measurements with CARBOCAP® and PEROXCAP®

With our continuous research and development efforts, we have been able to combine humidity measurement possibilities also with other parameters and technologies. We developed the CARBOCAP® technology originally for measuring CO2, but the technology is well suited also for optical humidity and methane measurements in biogas applications. Vaisala’s PEROXCAP® technology was developed for measuring humidity, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and temperature for easy validation of hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination of isolators and facilities.

Humidity measurement product highlights for HVAC

Museum stairs

Jade Smart Cloud

Combining industrial-grade measurements with secure and reliable wireless monitoring, Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud brings new levels of proficiency and flexibility for professionals.

Dew point measurement product highlights for industrial drying

Probe head and probe body of the DMP6 for very high temperatures

Dew Point Probe DMP6

Vaisala DRYCAP® Dew Point and Temperature Probe DMP6 is designed for in-line humidity measurement in industrial drying applications with very high temperatures and a wide dew point range.

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Expert article

Dew point temperature – What does it mean and how can it be calculated?

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How to choose the right instrument for measuring humidity and dew point

Humidity measurement and control is called for in a wide variety of industrial applications. Each application has a different set of requirements for humidity instruments, such as required measurement range.

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Tips on how to select the right humidity instrument for your high-humidity application

High-humidity environments are tough for humidity measurement. Saturation in the environment causes condensation to form on all surfaces including measurement sensors, which can be fatal for some technologies.

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The importance of humidity sensors

Humidity sensors are among the most commonly used instruments in environmental monitoring applications. Why? Because they are one of the most important measurements to get right when looking to create comfortable, safe, and energy efficient environments.

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Wet-bulb temperature – from traditional psychrometers to a modern humidity control variable

In the past, a psychrometer was a convenient device to measure humidity in an environment. In the modern world, the requirements for measurement accuracy and overall usability have changed. 

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Webinars, blogs and more


Common humidity measurement problems and how to avoid them

Accurate measurement starts with correct installation

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Webinar series

Humidity academy webinar series

By deepening your understanding of humidity in industrial context, you can improve your process efficiency and product quality while saving energy.

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White paper

Controlling high-humidity applications with dew point temperature

This white paper is a vital resource for anyone aiming to maintain a controlled environment in a high-humidity application.



Real-life use cases of humidity calculations

In this webinar, we will cover real-life use cases of humidity calculations and answer the most asked questions, such as how to interpret humidity calculator values? What to take into account when adjusting process? 

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What is dew point and how to measure it?

Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled for water vapor in it to condense into dew or frost. At any temperature there is a maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold. 

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Humidity eGuide for smart industries

Measuring humidity in industrial processes and facilities brings you energy savings and improves end-product quality. The Vaisala Humidity Measurement eGuide keeps useful knowledge material at hand.

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Humidity Calculator

Vaisala Humidity Calculator makes your complex humidity calculations and conversions easy. It covers all popular parameters and is effortless to use. Calculate several humidity parameters based on only one known value and tolerance.

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