mai 22 2024
16.00 Paris
Let’s talk about today’s PPT challenges and how to efficiently meet them

PPT: Uncompromising accuracy with less time and costs

Power Performance Testing (PPT) is crucial for every wind energy farm — but the process is expensive and tedious with traditional methods. Join our next webinar to explore up-to-date technology that can easily make the process more efficient and less painful.
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mai 23 2024
Session 2: May 29
DGA in natural esters, webinar headline

DGA in natural esters

A joint Q&A webinar on the topic of DGA in Natural Esters. Hosted by Vaisala's Senja Leivo & Cargill's Roberto Fernández, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts. We welcome you to drive the conversation by submitting your questions ahead of the webinar.
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mai 23 2024
4.00 PM EET Helsinki
Challenges and future needs of wind measurement technologies for wind-assisted vessels

Sustainable shipping: the future of smart wind propulsion

The shipping industry is on the cusp of a green revolution — driven by the advancement of wind-assisted ship propulsion (WASP) technology that helps to reduce fuel consumption, cut CO2 emissions, and steer the shipping industry towards a more sustainable future.
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mai 30 2024
Two time zones
Data center aisle

Data center decarbonization

There are many ways to decarbonize data centers for better sustainability. Tune in to listen the Vaisala data center webinar, where Vaisala's Anu Kätkä and seasoned data center decarbonization & heat reuse expert David G . go through various alternatives on how to reduce carbon footprint of the data...
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juin 05 2024
Two time options
Humidity measurement product options for fuel cell testing

Taking a fuel cell humidity measurement instrument into use

Welcome to the third session of our Fuel Cell Humidity Lab webinar series! Did you miss the first two sessions? Humidity measurement basics for the fuel cell industry and Selecting a humidity measurement instrument for fuel cell testing are freely available for you at any time.
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