Environmental Impacts/Why Measure CO2

Comment mesurer le CO2?

Le dioxyde de carbone (CO2) est un paramètre crucial dans un nombre toujours croissant d’applications. On le retrouve par exemple en clim/ventilation, en agro-alimentaire, dans le domaine de la culture cellulaire etc… Les problématiques du CO2 sont fortement liées à notre confort et à notre sécurité...
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Woman with laptop browsing through innovative technology

Humidity Measurements for the Smart Factory

We are in the middle of a Digitalization transformation in the manufacturing industry. The amount of information collected from the production processes is increasing all the time. This information is utilized in smart processes for machine learning, self-diagnostics, self-optimization, and...
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Modern city with many trees

Innovative Perspectives on Ambient Air Quality

Welcome to the first part of the Vaisala’s air quality webinar series. The first webinar on April 15th is an introduction to two key themes of ambient air quality theory. The first theme by Prof. Tuukka Petäjä from Helsinki University covers the importance of continuous and comprehensive...
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