Humidity Academy speakers

Humidity Academy, episode 1: brief introduction to humidity

This webinar series is about humidity measurement in industrial processes. Throughout the series, different Vaisala’s experts will share their knowledge and examples on humidity theory and measurements, as well as on maintaining audit-proof measurement instruments with long life-cycles. The series...
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How to verify an inline process refractometer

How to verify a Vaisala inline process refractometer

In this webinar, Vaisala product engineer Maria Nyman demonstrates a verification process for a Vaisala refractometer. Learn what equipment and materials are needed, why room temperature is important, and how to ensure the equipment temperature is stable. Register to attend live OR receive the...
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Vertical farming, brewery, soda

How and why to measure CO2 accurately?

Join the webinar to learn how CO2 can be measured accurately and reliably without drift, using the unique Vaisala CARBOCAP® technology. In the webinar, we will review the applications where monitoring of CO2 is critical.
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