The industry-standard vertical profiling lidar for wind energy applications. Its highly accurate, rigorously validated data aids in wind farm development and operations, both offshore and onshore.

    Powerful & trusted

    WindCube is changing the wind energy industry at all phases of the project lifecycle. Its accurate, bankable measurements and outstanding data analysis make it an indispensable tool for a variety of applications, from wind resource assessment to Power Performance Testing.

    WindCube can be positioned almost anywhere — offshore, onshore, and in complex terrain — and measures across the entire rotor sweep of today’s turbines, at far greater heights than met masts. It is suitable for permanent or temporary applications with little or no environmental disruption, while increasing worker safety.


    The best wind data available

    WindCube provides accurate wind measurement up to 200 meters over 12 simultaneously measured heights. The result is better, bankable data and a more complete view of the wind profile — both of which help you secure funding, reduce uncertainties and the cost of equity, and minimize risk.

    WindCube data has been validated by hundreds of independent studies and is accepted by all international standards and guidelines. On complex terrain, it uses FCR — also validated by formal studies.


    Insights at your fingertips

    WindCube comes packaged with WindCube Insights Fleet — an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based tool that provides real-time insights, allowing you to access and manage your systems and data, whether you have one WindCube or many.


    IEC-compliant & versatile

    WindCube is IEC-compliant for contractual performance testing, and it is well-suited for continuous wind monitoring, power performance verification, grid-loss compensation, and more.

    WindCube units are simple and fast to deploy, with few, if any, permitting or regulatory challenges. The system can stand alone or be co-located with a met mast.

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    Why Remote Sensing is the New Standard in Wind Energy

    This detailed ebook explains how lidar works, why it is such a valuable tool for wind energy, and why WindCube is the most trusted lidar solution out there.

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