Innovations Webinar: Lidar breakthroughs in wind energy

Renewable energy lidars
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How lidar innovations are accelerating wind energy campaign success

Join us for our third annual “Innovations” webinar, where we’ll discuss new approaches for lidar in wind energy. Wind energy experts continue to find amazing and innovative ways to leverage these remarkably versatile remote sensing solutions.

During this webinar, our speakers will:

  • Introduce the most recent WindCube lidar enhancements and services
  • Provide an overview of the upcoming IEC 61400-15-2 standard and its impact on the acceptance and the use of lidars for Wind Resource Assessment
  • Discuss a new lidar verification option against a 200m met mast, demonstrating how lidar is becoming the modern standard for wind measurement campaigns
  • Share state-of-the-art research findings of the WindCube hybrid reconstruction algorithm using advanced WRF-LES wind flow simulation, shown to maximize campaign accuracy

Our annual "Innovations" webinar is one of our most popular and you are sure to learn something new and interesting.



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Featured Speakers

Elvira Aliverdieva Product and Offering Specialist  Leosphere, a Vaisala company

Elvira Aliverdieva

Product & Offering Specialist, Renewable Energy PMA, Vaisala
Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Julie Lundquist

Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
Martin Richter-Rose, Pavana

Martin Richter-Rose

Senior Wind & Site Assessment – Team Manager, Pavana
Graduate Research Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder

Rachel Robey

Graduate Research Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder
Andrew Hastings Black

Andrew Hastings-Black

Research and Application Engineer, Vaisala