Wind Energy Development

Wind developers face consistent pressures to prove a project’s viability and bankability. Wind lidar gives them exactly the data and insights that other measurement tools cannot provide by themselves.

    Data you can bank on

    The development phase is filled with pressure as well as possibility — particularly for offshore projects. Lidar is providing the data, certainty, and bankability developers need to thrive.

    Certainty & bankability

    Lidar is ideal for addressing measurement gaps and uncertainty left by met masts and wind modeling. Using WindCube®, the industry-standard vertical profiling lidar, users gain a complete profile of the wind, reducing the need for extrapolation — always a potential source of error. With increased clarity comes bankability, certainty, and data-driven decision-making.

    Deploy quickly & repurpose

    Unlike met masts, compact lidar units can be deployed quickly (without long permitting delays) and easily moved or repurposed for further measurement campaigns. The wind data is accurately and quickly measured, and the project accelerates.

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    Why Remote Sensing is the New Standard in Wind Energy

    This detailed ebook explains how lidar works, why it is such a valuable tool for wind energy, and why WindCube® is the most trusted lidar solution out there.

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