Juhani Lehto

avr. 11, 2023
Dear Velan, Thank you for your questions.
A) If the real frost point (dew point below zero degrees Celsius) is lower (drier) than e.g. the DMP74B, the instrument typically shows the lowest possible reading (with this product the frost point reading goes somewhere to -74 degrees Celsius because the sensor cannot anymore detect the drier condition.

B) Argon and nitrogen are both inert gases and can be measured with Vaisala capacitive thin-film sensor technology. Please note that the pressure of the measured gas has an influence on the dew/frost point and should be inputted to the MI70 handheld to compensate for the pressure effect (the DMP74B cannot measure the gas pressure itself but you need to tell it to the instrument if the pressure is not ambient, i.e. 1 bar(absolute)).