AviMet® Windshear Alert System

The system makes aviation safer by integrating the best windshear detection technologies into a single, reliable solution.


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Customized, Powerful, Dependable, and Sustainable Windshear Technology

The Vaisala AviMet Windshear Alert System increases aviation safety and efficiency during airplane take-offs and landings. It detects and delivers crucial information about the windshear effect and its unpredictable changes in wind speed and direction in a timely manner, alerting you immediately when and where windshear occurs and when the threat is over.

The AviMet Windshear Alert System customizes and merges a combination of X-band weather radar, wind lidar, and Low Level Windshear Alert Systems (LLWAS) to gather the decision-making data airports need and deliver alerts based on this data.

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The Increasing Challenge of Windshear

Windshear is more critical to manage now than ever. Learn how the right kind of situational awareness can help ensure safety and smoother airport operations.

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