Vaisala K-PATENTS® Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A

3-A and EHEDG
The unique and innovative Vaisala K-PATENTS Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A system consists of a compact or probe refractometer and a graphical user interface. The refractometer is a stand-alone device capable of operating independently. It has a measurement range of 0 to 100 Brix and provides an Ethernet or 4–20 mA output signal proportional to the temperature-compensated Brix value for real-time process control. 

  • Sanitary compact refractometer PR-43-AC model for installation in pipeline sizes of 2.5 inch and smaller. The refractometer is installed in the pipe bend. It is angle mounted in the outer corner of the pipe bend directly or through a flow cell with a Sanitary clamp or a Varivent® connection.
  • Sanitary probe refractometer PR-43-AP for installation in large pipes, tanks, cookers, crystallizers and kettles and for higher temperatures up to 150°C (300 °F). The refractometer is installed in the pipe line or vessel through a 2.5 inch or 4 inch Sanitary clamp.
  • Sanitary flush mounted refractometer PR-23-APT for hygienic installations in cookers, cooling crystallizers and other vessels that have scrapers or mixers The refractometer is installed through an APV tank bottom flange. It can also be installed through a steam jacket.

Different user interface options range from a rugged, multichannel, industrial computer to a compact lightweight and a web-based version, and allow the user to select the most preferred way to access and use the refractometer measurement and diagnostics data. The user interface of the refractometer can be installed locally in the field, remotely in the control room or in both locations by connecting several user interfaces in a network.

Universal calibration of each sensor: All sensors are freely interchangeable.
Full measurement range Refractive Index (nD) 1.3200 – 1.5300, which corresponds to 0-100 Brix.
3-A sanitary certified to meet the highest hygiene requirements of food production.
Withstands CIP and SIP processes and cleaning and rinsing of facilities.
Completely digital system: particles and bubbles do not affect operation or accuracy.
CORE-optics: no drift, no re-calibration, no mechanical adjustments.
PR-43-A Refractometer has a built-in web server with an instrument homepage. The homepage allows for configuring, monitoring, verifying and diagnosing the refractometer via an Ethernet connection.
Process temperature for compact model: -40°C...130°C (-40°F...266°F), for probe model: -40°C...150°C (-40°F...302°F).
Fast process temperature measurement by built-in Pt1000 and automatic temperature compensation.
Easy on-site instrument verification within users’ own quality assurance system and standard Refractive Index liquids.
Increased safety (Ex e) certification for hazardous area installations
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Key Benefits

Hygienic certification
The 3-A symbol guarantees that the Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A conforms to 3-A sanitary standard number 46-04 for refractometers and energy absorbing optical sensors used on fluid products equipment for sensing concentration, and it has passed through the independent third party verification inspection for 3-A symbol authorization.
Accurate and stable measurement over the full range
The measurement is accurate across the full concentration range of 0-100 Brix: R.I. nD ±0.0002 corresponds typically to ±0.1 Brix or % by weight.

The measurement is not affected by bubbles, particles, color or vibration. The system withstands CIP and SIP cleaning.
No regular maintenance
There are no moving parts within the refractometer that would require regular maintenance.

Fully digital instrument. Drift-free calibration. No need for re-calibration and mechanical adjustments.