Marine Weather

Marine Weather can be used as a standalone API or as additional data set to be used along with Weather API. The API is based on HTTP queries, which are sent to servers. The information can be given by coordinates and in JSON format.

Wave Forecasts

The following hourly wave forecasts are provided globally for the next 10 days. Forecast resolution is in 25 km globally, but for Mediterranean and other European sea areas it is provided at the higher resolution of 12 km. Wave parameters provided:

  • Significant wave height of combined wind waves and swell (meters)
  • Significant wave height for the full wave spectrum (meters)
  • Mean wave direction (degrees)
  • Mean wave direction computed using the full spectrum (degrees)
  • Significant height of total swell (meters)
  • Period corresponding to the peak of the one-dimensional wave spectrum (meters)

Water Temperature Forecasts

The following hourly forecasts of sea & swimming water temperature are provided for the next 10 days. Forecast resolution is 12 km globally. Water temperature parameters provided:

  • Sea water surface temperature (°C)
  • Swimming water temperature in shallow shores (°C)

Tide Information

The following tide information is provided for the next 7 days starting from current time. If there are ports within 50 km of the asked coordinate, the information is given from the closest port.

  • Hourly tide height
  • Daily time and height of low tide
  • Daily time and height of high tide
  • Daily sunset and sunrise time
  • Daily moonset and moonrise time

There are around 7000 ports available in the service. The data is not intended for navigation.



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