Port Weather

Make sound decisions with real-time, reliable data, to improve port safety and cargo handling efficiency.

Minimize Uncertainty and Risk in Port Operations

The specific characteristics of your port will determine what weather and environmental factors to monitor, and where and how to do so. Accurate and reliable measurement of visibility, wind direction, and speed are critical not only when approaching the port, but also in berthing safety when large tanker operations are involved.

High winds can interfere with crane operations when you’re in the path of a storm, preventing loading and unloading. Lightning detection is important because strikes in ports and terminals can ignite potentially explosive materials or strike people. In addition, oceanographic measurements such as current, wave height, sea level, and salinity can be a critical part of your decision making.

Vaisala’s port weather solutions can address all the above, and more. Local real-time data collection, display software, data storage, and hosted data management service provide real-time intelligence plus additional weather information history when needed — allowing users to concentrate on minimizing downtime and maximizing the efficiency of operations.

Service contracts are available to keep these systems up and running. In addition, Vaisala offers IMO, IALA, IEC, WMO, and ICAO compliant solutions.

View of port crane loading and unloading shipping containers at dock
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Manage Your Port’s Toughest Weather and Environmental Conditions

Why wait when Vaisala has a custom marine weather monitoring system to address your toughest challenges? Be safer and streamline your operations now.

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