Maritime Weather

Weather observations by maritime weather stations with Vaisala sensor technology, and a wide range of communication solutions are flexible and fit to your needs and the local conditions. Data collection and network monitoring systems ensure continuous operation and data quality. 

Vaisala maritime weather at your service

Offshore Weather Measurements

Vaisala has a decades-long tradition in providing solutions to offshore weather observations. Our products and services are being used as part of Environmental Monitoring Systems and Helideck Monitoring Systems. Our products and systems fulfill the...

Onshore Observations

What to monitor, where, and how will depend on the characteristics of the port in question. Reliable and accurate measurement of visibility, wind direction and speed are critical not only when approaching the port but also in berthing safety. The end...

Air quality in ports

Ports have many exceptional characteristics in terms of air quality. Many port operations
generate emissions, but ports are also often surrounded by other significant emission sources such
as industrial facilities or busy roads.

Lightning Detection in Maritime

Terminal and platform operations are at risk of losing thousands of dollars per minute, or more, if operations are stopped! Implementing a lightning warning system that supplies reliable data results in a successful program, with information you and your...

Ship Instrumentation and Shipboard Weather Systems

Improving ships' onboard machinery and equipment performance minimize machinery downtime and maximize energy efficiency resulting in cost savings. Monitoring ship engines, lubrication, hydraulic and compressed air systems by using Vaisala's stable...

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